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Nationwide Golf Entertainment Services

Nationwide Golf Entertainment ServicesNationwide Golf Entertainment ServicesNationwide Golf Entertainment Services

We have one exciting mission...

... To give your golfers the best and most interactive entertainment on the golf course! 

Amateurs and their Tiger moment - With us they can!

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Pretty Creative Technology


"Some of the amateur players were out-driving the pros thanks to some pretty creative technology that guaranteed everybody in the field would have at least one drive like Tiger Woods.

Amateurs left the driver in the bag on the 18th hole at Deer Creek and got to use a different weapon for their tee shot: a compressed air-gun similar to a t-shirt cannon you see at sporting events.

The device by Par 4 Entertainment blasted long, straight drives leaving a short wedge shot into the par-5 hole and making the game more predictable and more enjoyable."

The Best Drive ALL Day!

 “It’s the best drive that I had all day,” said Jobe, who competed in the Pro-am tournament on Wednesday. "It was the straightest, it was the only time I could hit is as far as Matt, so it helps...we also do par 4s where we land about three feet from the hole and for any golfer that would land three feet from the flag, that’s quite an accomplishment." 

Content provided by Tim Guidera |  WTOC Savannah

By clicking on the photo you will access the original TV broadcast. 


Every Golfer Loves to Launch with Us

If we say Entertainment Experience


We mean it - No task is too tall for our professional Launch Pro to hit the green.  WE entertain way beyong hitting a club

Launching and Loving it.


Everyone can hit the green with us over 350 yards and that's what golfers love about it.  With us your golfers can be the pro - not watch a pro. Active vs. Passive. 

Boost your Brand with us


Sponsor get great exposure while we get them to engage with golfers launching for your cause. No more boring tee sign!

What do your golfers prefer?


We get it. There are other contests out there. But take a look. What do your golfers really enjoy? No question what it is! 

When we say hitting the green...


WE mean it.  Not somewhere down the fairway, wayward balls, sheer luck. It's skills and precision. We guide you. 

It's all about .... THE Ball


We invented the ONLY ball going straight to the green - all the time.  Regular balls - no chance. Laws of physics. 

Speed - we love it!


The speed of launching a ball - amazing. That's why it is so important to play it safe - only OUR ball can guarantee that.

Photo ops... priceless


With us golfers are making tournament memories - they share and talk about your tournament is where they did it! 

When watching turns into Fun


It's about the excitment seeing the golfer hitting the green - not about someone hitting your drive maybe in the fairway, the bunker or rough. 

And last but not least


It's about maximizing YOUR entertainment and fundraising experience - we are the professionals in delivering just that. 

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