News from the Par 4 Launchpad


Launchpad News Vol. 1, No. 1 - December 2018

We Call it #HappyGolfers!

Just watch how much fun we bring to your golf tournament!

Your Golfers will love the entertainement - your most valuable sponsor will be the talk of the tournament !

This is what Launching Straight to the Green looks like!

This is what we mean with "Launching Straight to the Green" and it is only possible with our special ball. No regular golf ball will fly straight like this. Any golfer who launched a regular ball will confirm. No to mention safety of golfers and structures. 

Feeling like a pro is ...

...that moment when you hit the green over 350 yards ... and you just can't believe what just happened! 

Everyone loves to launch..

Making a Tour Pro smile ....

This is the way they smile launching their ball 400+ yards down the fairway! 

Entertainers among themselves!

It does not matter how tall you are - the fun is always the same! 

Should we call it...

...being in love with launchin?

We love what we do - and so do our partners!

Thank you again for helping us on such short notice and providing an excellent experience for all our donors.The participation and reviews exceeding our expectations.  - Frank M. 

 Thank you so much for all your help yesterday! The launcher was a huge hit! - Blake B. 

The feedback we received was amazing and would love to have you back again next year. - Craig P. 

I have played in this tournament 4 years in a row, but thais was the most fun on course - Todd G.


Thank you and your company for an incredible day at the golf event! Our golfers were so thrilled to have the launcher apart of our tournament, as were we. It was hard to execute everything into place, but you guys provided such organized and entertaining aspect to our golf tournament, that I did not have to worry about a thing. Thank you for all your hard work and your support to our organization! As for the album, I appreciate it immensely! It’s great to have these images and videos to show our golfers the fun they had. - C.W., CA 

Partners we like


The best golf tournament software on the market. Easy to operate, perfect automation and geared to increase your fundraising! 

The Car Rental Partner we trust!

Traveling to our tournaments nationwide Hertz has been a great choice for all our car rental needs. 

The Airline we like to use

Not only is Spirit one of our valued tournament clients but it also provides us to get to places less traveled 

Colana Sports Group

Colana has been a premier golf resort package provider for many years. We value their outstanding customer support. 

Xperon Golf Balls

Innovative Golf Ball able to stand up to the best balls in the industry. Loving the bright colors and top finish! 

The 3-in-1 Golf Towel

Taking it to a true golf towel unlike the standard "rags".

Taking it from a golf "Rag" to a true golf towel at an amazing prize. Golfers love the towels!