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The Dart Golf Ball (tm)

The only Golf Ball Launching straight over 350 yards consistently Golf Entertainment golf ball launcher


Because WE PLAY IT SAFE ON COURSE !  (No other ball USGA approved or Not will launch straight!) Golf Entertainment Dart Golf Ball golf ball launcher

Why is it essential to use the Dart Golf Ball (pat.pen.)?


  • Minimize risk of "stray" balls as the Dart Golf Ball is the only ball flying straight. 
  • Other balls no matter what brand, even those so-called self-correcting ones will NOT go straight all the time!
  • Ability to use the contest on narrow fairways which are parallel to other fairways.




  • The "WOW" effect of the Dart Golf Ball promotes player participation in the contest.
  • Players can actually SEE their ball landing on the green!
  • Fewer people needed to run the contest - we don't need a "spotter" by the green. 
  • Losing of balls is next to eliminated - the Dart Golf Ball goes on the green or in around it in a close perimeter 

The only Golf Ball Launching straight over 350 yards consistently Golf Entertainment

We play it safe - no knuckleball on the golf course! NO wayward golf balls either


  ...And why did we go through all this trial, error and trouble? For one thing, we determined that using a regular golf ball was just not measuring up to our standard of safety. If you launch a golf ball out of a launcher with 120 - 160 psi over 360 yards and don't really know which direction it will go - that is not safe! A regular golf ball will come out of a launcher like a knuckleball - now there are sports where that is ok - not on the golf course though! You take a risk...

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Don't be fooled! Fake news even on the golf course!


So you have probably seen some guys out there with a Golf Cannon trying to shoot a ball onto the green on a Par 4 ....it may hit the green, or not. More often not. Behind the green someone is being a "spotter" with a radio - well more or less this spotter needs to be there if they want a chance recovering their lost golf balls. Or maybe every once in a while to toss a ball onto the green to improve stats. ( Have seen it happen!)

Those are the things we do not have to worry about. Why? ...

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The Story of the Dart Golf Ball (TM)

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The story of the Dart Golf Ball TM 2018 (pdf)