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Nationwide Golf Entertainment Services

Nationwide Golf Entertainment Services

Nationwide Golf Entertainment ServicesNationwide Golf Entertainment Services

The Experience in Golf Entertainment Fundraising


We are based in Las Vegas - the Entertainment Capital of the world. We know entertainment.

We have one exciting mission: 

To give your golfers the best entertainment on the golf course! 

Whether  you  want to entertain your golfers or opt to add fundraising for your cause there is no on-course contest providing a better experience than the Golf Ball PRO Launcher (tm) and our Entertainment Pros are experts in their field. 

Our Experience

  • We designed the contest in 2012 - you work with the original company not a copycat, no side-gig . Featured in over 1200 events since 
  • We are nationwide, international - no matter where you are
  • Our Launch Pro golf entertainers focus on making this the best experience for your golfers. 
  • Our speciality are tournaments where the value of service and performance is paramount. 

Our Difference

  • We are not just a contest provider  - We are professional entertainers on course, we love what we do and do it best.
  • We boost your sponsor branding with custom soluitions - you can't brand a club, a tutu, or a marshmellow. 
  • With us your golfers are the ones launching triggering the adrenalin rush vs. watching someone drive for them. You can do that on TV. 
  • We offer three different contest options. 

Contest Options

  1. Closest to the Pin on a Par 4  played on a Par 4 average 330 yards incl. Eagle Putt 
  2. Hit the Target played on a long Par 4 where a target will be set up on the fairway , chip onto the green 
  3. Longest Launch played on a Par 5 , chip onto the green
  4. NEW in 2020  BLOWN  OUT ON THE GREEN SPEED PUTT  - Now this is Caddyshack 2020 only for tournaments serious about making their golfers laugh! played on a par 3