The Difference in Golf Entertainment Fundraising

Launching with us is active and interactive.

Launching a golf ball soaring at 200 ft in the air landing on the green over 350 yards on a par 4 only inches away from the pin  triggers that adrenalin rush - YOU are doing this.  It shows in the videos below. The average Tour Pro drives about 280 - 320 yards, the weekend golfer about 195 to 205 yards.  Now imagine your golfers hitting the green at 350 yards!  

Just like the longest launch on a par 5  - how far can you go ? 330, 350 , 365 ... And that straight down the fairway each time with the same precision.  A Longer driver hitting a ball for you maybe straight, right , left - well you can watch that on TV - excitment level - very low. 


2020 Par 4 Golf Entertainment - The Original Creator of the contest, more than 1200 tournament since 2012! 

And this is why we call it Golf ENTERTAINMENT with a PURPOSE

When we entertain on course we go all in - down to being serenaded when we launch (btw. this was the sponsor foursome launching) 

We call it #HappyGolfers!


Just watch how much fun we bring to your golf tournament!

Your Golfers will love the entertainment experience - your most valuable sponsor will be the talk of the tournament !

This is what Launching Straight to the Green looks like!

This is what we mean with "Launching Straight to the Green" and it is only possible with our special ball. Not regular golf ball will fly straight like this. Any golfer who launched a regular ball will confirm. No to mention safety of golfers and structures.  

You can dedicate you launch to anyone ...

Feeling like a pro is ...

 ...that moment when you hit the green over 350 yards ... and you just can't believe what just happened!