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  •  Closest to the Pin on a Par 4 - Hitting the green on a par 4 over 330+ yards. Proven over 8 year to be the talk of the tournament. 
  • Longest Launch on a Par 5 – Replace the pro long drive by giving your golfers to be the long driver – just more accurate. What’s more exciting watch someone hit a ball or be the one landing the ball over 350 yards? 
  • NEW – Hit the Target (Long par 4 or par 5) – We set up a target in the fairway at 300+ yards. We have a lot of golfers saying they would love to do that. 
  • NEW – Blow the Hole (Par 3, 4, 5, Putting Contest, Pairings Parties) – Caddyshack redefined! That’s for the tournament all about whacky, fun making golfers laugh like crazy. If you think you had seen it all at a tournament – guaranteed you did not! Can we say Dance Monkey? 

If you had the launcher in previous years, why not switch it up and surprise your golfers with a different format. 

Kelly H. - Each year the Highlight of our tournament Those guys are the

Shania R. - Why would you ever want to work with a sidegig again ? They are the real deal!

Stephanie - OMG this was the best ever - iT added glam to my wedding!