Party PRO Fun Launcher


The Story

One of our golf clients asked if we could build a launcher for his sons birthday party at the tennis club  - We did! 

The final Party PRO Fun Launcher was ready within 72 hours! 

Where can I use it ?

The Party PRO Fun Launcher can be set up indoors or outdoors. The space requirement is about 10x10.

Unlike our Golf Ball PRO Launcher is is operated with low pressure to adjust to shorter distances.

What Type of Events can it be used at?

You think of an event  - you can use it. There are no limitations. Some examples: birthday parties - kids and adults - corporate events, team building, school fundraisers, promoting your business, entertain your non-golfers during your golf events ... the application is virtually endless

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely! Like our Golf Ball PRO Launcher the Party PRO Fun Launcher is built according to highest safety standards. Our Launch PRO's operating the launcher are trained in safe equipment handling for your event!

I would like to have it at my event!

Currently the Party PRO Fun Launcher is only available within Neveda, Utah and Connecticut. In 2020 additional locations will follow along with a rental DIY option. 

Please request details.