EVERY Golfer is a Winner

Par 4 Golf Entertainment Package 2019

In the past we awarded a prize for the winner of the closest to the pin. As we are constantly looking to give our clients more opportunity to give their golfers incentives for participating and also to kick up the revenue they achieve through us. We decided to invest in our clients and their events. The result is the EVERY GOLFER IS A WINNER package. 

The package includes all of our previous services, Launch PRO on course, branding of the launcher and launchpad signage, e-banner,hole-in-one prize,sponsor promo sheet and volunteer tutorial. 

The difference is that now EVERY golfer participating with the Golf Ball PRO launcher will receive a substantial incentive AND you will also receive an incentive package for your auction or raffle. The incentive certificates are given to the golfer at the tee. Your auction / raffle package will be sent to you in electronic format 14 days prior to your tournament ad gives you the option to accept as many back up offers as you like. 

Here are some additional suggestions to use our incentives: 

  • Reward your committee members bringing in foursomes 
  • Say "Thank you" to your volunteers with a hotel stay for all their work
  • Give a golfer gift of  $$$ value to every registered golfer 

Possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 

And the best is.... This will not cost you anything extra. You let us know how many incentive certificates you need and your selection of available options. 

Do the math...

100 golfers at $25 = $2500

Auction /Raffle      = $1000

Raised                     = $3500

Those are funds YOU keep 100%. 

Our fee is underwritten by the sponsor with the option to raise additional money from the sponsorship.

The above is an example with a conservative approach. The amount of money you will raise depends on your pricing and how giving your golfers are.

Our average participation rate is 90%+.

 If you are not ready to launch with us in 2019 we offer our incentive package seperately. It is a great option as golfer gift and for your auction / raffle.  

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